taught Grandmaster Daniel Suchon

Sifu Mark Herbert owns and operates, with the assistance of Sidigoo Julie Herbert, the NWC Martial Arts Academy of Michigan in Livonia. It is our goal to bring the Art and the Way of Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu, training of the body, the mind and the spirit, to any and all who are interested in a more fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.

Mark Herbert began his martial arts training in 1976 with the American Karate Association. He furthered his training in the arts of Chinese Kenpo (with the Last Word Kenpo Academy under Sifu Ed Mukai), Tai Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, Aikido, Aiki Jujitsu, American Kenpo (with Guardian martial Arts under Master Steve Stewart and Senseis Shelby and Kelly Perkins), Kyusho Jitsu (under Master Steve Stewart and Grandmaster George Dillman), Tai Chi Chuan, Kung Fu and Shoryn Ryu (under Sifu Tom Smith of the Shaolin Temple in Westland, MI) and Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu under Sigung Dan Suchon. Mark Currently holds rank in Chinese Kenpo, American Kenpo, Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu, Aiki Jujitsu, Kyusho Jitsu and Reiki. Sifu Mark received his 3rd degree Black Sash Rank in Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu in November, 2012.

Julie Herbert began her martial arts training in 1998 in Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu under Sigung Dan Suchon in Lake Jackson, Texas in the Tai Chi Chuan program. She assisted Sigung Suchon with the Youth Kung Fu program there for 2 years prior to moving to Michigan in 2001. She has also trained additionally in Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Shoryn Ryu (under Sifu Tom Smith), and Kyusho Jitsu (uner Master Steve Steward and Grandmaster George Dillman). Julie Currently holds rank in Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu, Aiki Jujitsu, Kyusho Jitsu and Reiki. In November, 2012, Sifu Julie received her Master (Si di goo) rank in Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu.


Classes in kung fu and tai chi in Livonia

Current Black Sash Teachers

Sifu Erh Mike Cuba
Sifu Joey Parisi

Sifu Erh Jeff Maciejewski

Sifu Kathrin Parisi

Sifu Erh Joeseph M. Parisi

Sifu Dan Evans

Nien Erh Nick Parisi

Sifu John Gibbs

Sifu Erh Jason Ruiter

Nien Michael Berry

Nien Alex Mazaris

Nien Sarah Tumavitch

and now we teach it to you!

Our Lineage

The Founding Masters created Nei Wai Chia Kung Fu:

Huo Yuan ChiaChan Wah ShunKu Yu Cheong
Sun Lu Tang

They taught:Liu Hui-ShingChow Ting Hua
Li Hui-ShengWang Wei Fan
Ch'en Kung-Che

Grandmaster Sunyata


Master Chow taught

Sijo/Dr. Larry Sanders